Helps to Holiness Series

helps to holiness series CAHELPS


Holy is how the Bible describes God and His heavenly angels. It might sound like a distant, unattainable virtue, but believers are holy, too! In Jesus, you’ve been set apart for God and made a partaker of His divine nature. Your task as a Christian is learning to walk consistently with the holiness you’ve received. That’s a lifelong process, and obstacles are inevitable. But there are steps you can take to help you move forward—into all the obedience and peace of your sacred calling.

Progressing in holiness will increase your joy, draw you closer to God, and help you love and be loved more effectively. That means a deeper walk with Jesus and greater service in His kingdom.

In this 12-sermon set, Dr. Charles Stanley shares spiritual disciplines for the pursuit of holy living. You’re a new creation in Christ, and you have a role to play in shaping your life in Him. Learn daily practices, from confessing more honestly to developing godly friendships, that will help you grow in His holy image.

Messages included in Volume 1:

- "Quietness"
- "A True Confession"
- "Confidence Amidst Concern"
- "The Discipline of Difficulty"
- "How to Suffer Successfully"
- "Strength Through Weakness"

Messages included in Volume 2:

- "Christian Fellowship"
- "The Reality of Your Relationship"
- "The Power of Acceptance"
- "How to Handle Your Thought Life"
- "Guidelines for Personal Meditation"
- "How to Build Truth Into Your Life"