Confidence Amidst Concern (AF066CD)

confidence amidst concern cd AF066CD
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Anything God allows in our lives, He permits for a purpose. But when it’s something we experience as negative—failure, uncertainty, loss, confusion—the inclination to worry is hard to resist. What starts as a concern can eventually spiral into anxiety, discouragement, and even despair. Those results will lead us away from God and the holy peace that is ours in Christ. There’s a much better way to deal with problems.

In this encouraging message, Dr. Charles Stanley explains how to respond with confidence when the concerns of life press in. Learn powerful practices you can use today to reduce anxiety and rest more easily in your heavenly Father’s loving care. His supernatural power, not your self-striving, is the key to peace.

God has promised to bring to completion everything that concerns you (Phil. 1:6). Your part is to surrender those concerns to Him, submit to His perfect plan, and follow wherever He leads. There’s no need to be controlled by worry when you’re in God’s safekeeping.

This CD is part of the series "Helps To Holiness - Vol 1."