How to Build Truth Into Your Life (CD)

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Truth is essential for a happy life. It’s impossible to find real peace without it. Unfortunately, we inhabit a society filled with deception and wrong thinking of every kind. In a world where so much around us seems to be based on falsehood, we must find a way to build our lives on the truth. The good news is that God has provided His Word, His Son, and His Holy Spirit to help us.

In this inspiring message, Dr. Charles Stanley explains the importance of truth and provides a practical plan for making it the bedrock of your life. Be encouraged to embrace God’s way with new commitment and apply it to your specific areas of need.

Don’t be a mere hearer of the Word (James 1:25). Better decisions, greater intimacy with the Lord, and more effective service all result when you build truth into the very fabric of your life. Be an active doer of the Word, and you’ll be blessed in all you do.

This CD is part of the series "Helps To Holiness - Vol 2."