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It’s good to have a friend. But did you know that friendship is not just fun and enjoyable, it’s also an important part of your Christian life and will help you develop in Christ? All the more reason to regret that friendship has become increasingly difficult in today’s world. Modern society creates lives that are closed off and untrusting of others. However, we have a God who values laying down one’s life for one’s friends, and He’ll use godly relationships for a wonderful purpose: our growth in holiness.

In this message, Dr. Charles Stanley looks at the biblical basis for friendship and its importance for every believer. You’ll learn four key requirements forfriendship, and how they’re related to your spiritual growth.

When you deprive yourself of a friend, you’re also depriving someone else. God made you not only for Himself, but for other people. Be encouraged to start reaching out and experiencing the beautiful rewards of godly friendship.

This CD is part of the series "Helps To Holiness - Vol 2."