Discovering Our True Identity: Walking In Love (Disc 18)

Discovering Our True Identity: Walking In Love (Disc 18) PX024CD
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Our God is a God of love. He cares for us unconditionally and sacrificially and expresses His love by always doing what is best for us. Unfortunately, the world offers a counterfeit type of love. Instead of coming from a genuine care for others, it is characterized by selfishness and is destructive to those who indulge in it.


n this message, Dr. Stanley talks about how we can reject the world’s definition of love and care for others as Christ does. Those who belong to the Lord Jesus Christ have the pure love of God indwelling them, so they have the capacity to selflessly care for others.


Love isn't just a feeling or an emotion. As those who are called to be imitators of Christ, let us reject the world’s cheap imitation of it and instead allow the love of God to be guide our thinking and way of life.


This sermon is part of the series “Discovering Our True Identity.”