Discovering Our True Identity: A Worthy Walk (Disc 13)

Discovering Our True Identity: A Worthy Walk (Disc 13) PQ134CD
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There is no room for egotism or pride in a Christian’s life. Instead, we ought to recognize all we have is the result of God's grace. This should motivate us to submit ourselves to the Lord in continuous acknowledgment that we are dependent upon Him.


In this message, Dr. Stanley talks about how a godly perspective will help us to walk with humility, gentleness, patience and forbearance. He also shares how these characteristics help us live in harmony with others. Not only do they build unity within the body of Christ, but also within our personal relationships at home and in our communities.


Where there is unity, God can work. All our skills and talents are nothing without a humble spirit of submission to the Lord. By recognizing there is just one God, one Spirit and one faith, we will be able to work with others to share the greatness of Christ with the world—which is the greatest achievement we could ever attain.


This sermon is part of the series “Discovering Our True Identity.”