Complete in Christ: The New You (Part 1) (Disc 21)

Complete in Christ: The New You (Part 1) (Disc 21) AM019CD
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Do you like yourself? Not what has happened to you, or where you are in life, but do you like who you are? Do you even really know who you are?


In this message, Dr. Stanley talks about how, if we are to love our neighbors as ourselves, we must love ourselves first. He explains how, at salvation, each of us became a new creation and were given a new life. We now have much to love about who we are as children of the King. We can also look at others and love them too because God loves them, and we can see all that Christ has done for them.


Is your life full of love for others as well as yourself? Reflect on the goodness of God in your life and express your thankfulness through love.


This message is part of the set "Complete in Christ: A Study in Colossians."