Complete in Christ: A Study of Colossians (Volume 4)

Complete in Christ: A Study of Colossians (Volume 4) COLV4CD
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Do you ever feel like you’re lacking something, like you don’t quite measure up? While popular philosophies and false religions promise relief from life’s challenges, the only real hope is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.


In this final volume of “Complete in Christ,” Dr. Stanley continues a study of Colossians where he explains that there is no need to make up for our weaknesses or meet a set of performance standards in order to please God. Instead, Christ covers our sins and imperfections and gives us everything we need to enjoy life to the fullest. Not only does this mean we can have peace with Him and with others, but it also means we can be content with ourselves—shortcomings and all.


Volume Four includes the sermons:

“Complete in Christ: The New You (Part 1)”
“Complete in Christ: The New You (Part 2)”
“Complete in Christ: Guidelines for Families”
“Complete in Christ: How to Get the Most Out of Your Work”
“Complete in Christ: Devoted to Prayer”
“Complete in Christ: How to Treat the Unbeliever”
“Complete in Christ: The Challenge to End Well”