Discovering Our True Identity: Walking In The Spirit (Disc 20)

Discovering Our True Identity: Walking In The Spirit (Disc 20) PM275CD
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The Bible advises us not to get drunk because when we’re full of alcohol, our emotions and physical wellbeing are dominated and controlled by that substance. Instead, God’s Word directs us to be “soaked” with the Spirit, who guides us to do the right things and act in a way that honors God.


In this message, Dr. Stanley explains the difference between being baptized by the Spirit, indwelt by the Spirit, and filled with the Spirit. He says we must:


- Be cleansed of everything that contradicts God’s way
- Be willing to yield ourselves to God in Christ
- Receive the fullness of Spirit that He offers
- Believe


Life is really just the span of time we have on this earth, and we shouldn’t waste a minute of it. If we walk in the Spirit, we will be able to use our time wisely by exercising the gifts and talents that God has given us and expressing who God created us to be—and that is truly living.


This sermon is part of the series “Discovering Our True Identity.”