Discovering Our True Identity: Overcoming The Unpleasant (Disc 24)

Discovering Our True Identity: Overcoming The Unpleasant (Disc 24) PO245CD
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We could put everybody in the world out of business if we had a genuine concern about our workmanship and an interest in what we produce. But too often, we let people and circumstances influence our attitude negatively, and we only do enough to get by.


In this message, Dr. Stanley says that we should work as unto the Lord, thinking to ourselves, Lord Jesus, I may be hired by them, but I'm doing this for you. When we approach work this way, we will complete our tasks:


- Obediently
- Willingly
- With a sincere heart
- Anxiously
- Diligently
- With whole-heartedness
- Readily
- With a spirit of commitment
- With cheerfulness


Instead of feeling like we’re stuck in an unfulfilling job, this understanding will change our motivation, perspective and attitude. Soon, we’ll begin to feel grateful God has given us a challenge and is teaching us something great about Himself.


This sermon is part of the series “Discovering Our True Identity.”