Complete in Christ: Right Goal, Wrong Methods (Disc 15)

Complete in Christ: Right Goal, Wrong Methods (Disc 15) AT218CD
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Oftentimes, we judge another person's spirituality by a set of rules we have established ourselves. Then, when someone doesn't live up to our standard, we say, "Well, they may be saved, but they surely aren't very spiritually minded."


In this message, Dr. Stanley explains how a successful walk of faith is the result of willingly submitting to God’s will and staying in a right relationship with Him. Any other way is based on human effort and pride and only serves to takes our focus off of Christ.


When we keep this in mind, we will have no need to judge or criticize someone else’s spiritual efforts or lack thereof. If we focus our hearts on Christ, our concern will be for a person’s relationship with God—not their actions. Even more importantly, we will cultivate a heart for serving God, and that is all He asks us to do.


This message is part of the set "Complete in Christ: A Study in Colossians."