Complete in Christ: Christ - Our Life (Disc 18)

Complete in Christ: Christ - Our Life (Disc 18) AU188CD
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When you became a Christian, Jesus became your Lord and Savior. But did you know that He became your life? This is a foundational truth of Scripture that, once understood, can make a tremendous difference in how you live the Christian life.


In this message, Dr. Stanley explains what it means for Christ to be our life. He says Jesus came in order to:


- Make us alive, though we were spiritually dead when He found us.
- Give us new lives to replace the old.
- Enable us to begin living an eternal life here and now.
- Assure us of our eternal security in Him.


When you were saved, you weren’t given a new life and sent off to go do as you please. You are inseparable from the person of Jesus Christ. He isn’t just a part of your life; He indwells your spirit and is with you day by day. Discover the freedom that comes with understanding such a powerful, biblical truth.


This message is part of the set "Complete in Christ: A Study in Colossians."