Complete in Christ: Our Position in Christ (Disc 16)

Complete in Christ: Our Position in Christ (Disc 16) AT288CD
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Are you saved, but feel like the Christian life “isn’t working” somehow? Sometimes this feeling is a sign we are ignorant of the truth. Other times, it means we just don’t believe what we know to be true. And still other times, we may not want what God is trying to give us.


In this message, Dr. Stanley describes three basic principles that can change what it means to live the Christian life. We should always remember:


- We have a place in the Lord's eternal plan.
- We have the power to live victoriously.
- We have privileges as God's children.


When we believe and apply these truths to our lives, we will experience a peace and understanding that only the Lord can provide. While we will still face hardships and troubling circumstances, we will no longer have to struggle to handle them like those who have no assurance. Instead, we will rest in the everlasting hope, joy, and strength of Christ.


This message is part of the set "Complete in Christ: A Study in Colossians."