When Adversity Strikes (4-DVD set)

When Advsersity Strikes (4-DVD set) WASDVD


Adversity strikes, and questions erupt from our battered hearts—Why is this happening to me? Where is God? When will this end?


As we struggle with pain and confusion, we can often miss what God is doing behind the scenes: working together all things for our good (see Romans 8:28).


In this four-part series, Dr. Stanley sheds light on this universal human experience. While adversity is never something we would choose, in the hands of God it becomes a path to greater maturity and deeper intimacy. Our responsibility is to fix our gaze on the Lord, trust His purposes, and give Him thanks even in the midst of trials.


When adversity strikes, trust God.


This series includes the messages:
An Intimate Look at Adversity
Growing in Our Adversity
In the Midst of Adversity
Thanksgiving in the Midst of Adversity