The Convictions By Which We Live (DVD set)

The Convictions By Which We Live (11-DVD set) CWLV1DVD


As the saying goes, “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.” To stand firm is to know exactly what you believe and be unwilling to deny it. It takes conviction.


In this series, The Convictions by Which We Live, Dr. Stanley addresses what we believe about God, the Bible, eternity, and much more. These convictions are the solid ground upon which we stand.


Living without defined convictions is not something the people of God can afford. Learn from Dr. Stanley how to develop unshakable beliefs that will guide, motivate, and protect you in your walk with Christ.


This series includes the following messages:

“Your Personal Convictions”
“Your Convictions About the Bible”
“Your Convictions About God”
“Your Convictions About Prayer”
“Your Convictions About Eternal Security”
“Your Convictions About the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ”
“Your Convictions About the Resurrection of Jesus Christ”
“Your Convictions About the Holy Spirit”
“Your Convictions About Money”
“Your Convictions About Heaven”
“Your Convictions About the Judgment of the Believer”