Lessons From The Life Of Moses - Volume 2 (DVD)

Lessons From The Life Of Moses - Volume 2 (DVD) DA6DLM2
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Can you imagine escaping slavery, under God’s protection, then doubting and mistrusting Him? That might sound like a shocking response, but it’s exactly what happened after Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. They spent years wandering in the desert, stumbling in their obedience and wavering in faith. His people needed to build their trust in the God who had delivered them, and in the meantime, they suffered devastating setbacks. Everyone finds themselves wandering at some point. Faith is a journey, but the more determined we are to strengthen it, the more quickly we’ll overcome obstacles and enjoy the amazing blessings God has planned.

In Volume 2 of this series, Dr. Stanley continues his examination of lessons from the life of Moses. Unbelief is costly, but it can be overcome. Learn what you can do to increase your faith and follow your loving, all-powerful Father wherever He leads. You’ll be astonished at all He will do, in and through your life, when you trust Him.


This second volume includes the messages: