Faith that Wavers (DVD)

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Would you like to have a settled, strong foundation of faith to carry you through all of life’s challenges with confidence? Faith like that is one of the greatest assets we can have. It enables us to trust God, follow His will, avoid danger, walk into blessings, experience miracles, and help others. So why does our faith sometimes waver? And what can we do to strengthen it?

Dr. Stanley looks at the common causes of weak faith and the mistakes that can damage it further. When the Israelites followed Moses out of Egypt, they needed to learn to trust the God who had delivered them, and so must we. Knowing how to protect your faith will help you grow strong and resilient in the face of every challenge.

Don’t allow unbelief to disrupt your relationship with God or keep you from the life He has planned for you. Trust His promises, and rest in His faithfulness.

This message is part of the series “Lessons from the Life of Moses - Volume 2”.