Discovering Our True Identity: Redeemed Saints (Disc 4)

Discovering Our True Identity: Redeemed Saints (Disc 4) PN124CD
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Have you ever felt worthless? Perhaps you made a bad decision or didn’t live up to your own standards and thought, Surely God doesn't want anything to do with me.


In this message, Dr. Stanley shares how Jesus paid our sin debt so we might receive forgiveness and be reconciled with God. Because of this, Christians are extremely valuable saints and should never think they are worthless.


Is there something you need to forgive yourself for? Remember, Christ was willing to lay down His life for you, so there is nothing He won’t forgive if you ask. Learn to rest in His forgiveness and experience the blessings of being a redeemed child of God.


This sermon is part of the series “Discovering Our True Identity.”