When God Hides His Face (CD)

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We often call upon God with the expectation that He will heed our cries immediately, come to our aid, and comfort us with His presence. But sometimes, no matter how much we cry out or pray, it seems like He’s not listening. We may cling to His promises, reciting well-loved verses about hope and help … yet feel no comfort. And we ask ourselves, “Why does God feel so far away?”


In this message, Dr. Stanley discusses what appears to be a contradiction between what God says He will do, and what God does. When our hearts are especially hurting, our faith can take a beating. We may even doubt Him for a time. But God remains trustworthy, steadfast in His love and care for us.


Our heavenly Father always has a higher purpose in what He allows us to experience. Learning how to trust Him in everything is a process that takes more time than we might wish. But even when our faith falters, He continually proves Himself faithful. His mercies are great, and His kindness is everlasting.