God the Father (CD)

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When Jesus Christ talked about and prayed to God as His Father, He gave us a glimpse of the most beautiful and yet indescribable relationship, because He and the Father had absolute, perfect communion.


Family unity is a goal to which we can all aspire. Yet our view of God as our Father can be complicated by the ways and actions we have seen or experienced of an earthly father. We may project on Him the flawed image of a human being.


In this message, Dr. Stanley addresses how we become children of God and how we can relate to Him as Father. As believers, we have been accepted in the beloved and adopted into His kingdom. Learning to walk in the assurance of our identity is a daily challenge. But fully yielding our lives to Him will allow us to experience, perhaps for the first time, the goodness of a perfect heavenly Father.


This message is part of the series The Character of God (Volume 1).