Getting the Big Picture (CD)

Getting the Big Picture (CD) AQ241CD
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It’s vital to find purpose and meaning in life. But in our quest for these things, we can easily focus solely on what we want or hope for ourselves, rather than seeking God’s will for us. Have you been praying for Him to endorse your plans? Or are you striving to find and follow His?


In this message, Dr. Stanley presents challenging questions we need to ask ourselves to be sure we are seeing life’s course from God’s perspective. Our understanding of our gifts and goals is limited, but God sees our heart and understands the fullness of our capabilities and ultimate potential. Only He can view the entire canvas of how these things work together for our good.

As you learn to appreciate God’s perspective, you will begin to comprehend how much His kind intentions and plans for your life surpass even your own. And you will begin to recognize His great faithfulness to you in your past, your present, and your glorious future.