Fully Human: 21 Days to Flourishing Relationships



The quality of our relationships has a huge impact on our quality of life, yet many struggle to connect and remain connected. All across society, relationships are breaking down: friendships and marriages faltering, congregations and community groups thinning, families dissolving. But our relational brokenness is never beyond the hope and help of God.

Fully Human: 21 Days to Flourishing Relationships was prayerfully created to help you strengthen every connection you have. You will explore principles that apply to all types—spouses, family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and beyond.

With a focus on Scripture and material from Dr. Stanley’s sermons, this 21-day interactive workbook will help you enjoy your God-ordained need for others and give you the tools to build wise and flourishing relationships.

Topics include:
• Godly Communication
• Healthy Boundaries
• Trust & Letting Go of Control
• Living in Community

Whether your relationships are running smoothly, in need of a tune-up, or seem in a state of disrepair, this workbook will provide opportunities for reflection and insights for taking action to improve and thrive. God will bless you as you set out, with His grace, to live a fuller, richer life of fellowship in Christ.


Softcover, 10 x 9, 132 pages