Complete in Christ: Where Our Security Lies (Disc 2)

Complete in Christ: Where Our Security Lies (Disc 2) AP248CD
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Human beings like to know that what they possess is their own and that nothing can take those possessions away. This is why we have things like insurance and savings accounts and retirement programs. However, these solutions are temporary and uncertain. The market could crash or the boss could walk in and say, “We don’t need you anymore.” The only security we have is in Christ and the eternal blessings He gives.


In this message, Dr. Stanley describes four areas of life that are secured by the person of Jesus Christ. He teaches that we can never lose:


- Our position as the children of God.
- The privileges that we have in Christ Jesus.
- Our possessions that are in Christ.
- Our power and energy to fulfill His calling.


Where’s your security? It can’t be in people or possessions—people will inevitably let us down, and nothing we own will last forever. Neither can we trust in earthly position, prominence, or prestige. The only sure thing in a Christian’s life is the person of Jesus Christ.


This message is part of the set "Complete in Christ: A Study in Colossians."