Carry The Light

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In the very first chapter of the Bible we find God separating light from darkness. After that, we see a pattern throughout Scripture where He identifies darkness as evil, and associates light with good things such as holiness and truth. When Jesus came, He referred to Himself as “the Light of the world.” Then in the Sermon on the Mount, He called us to shine brightly as well.

In this message, Dr. Stanley helps us consider the contrast between life spent in darkness and life lived in the kingdom of light. The apostle Paul demonstrated for us how this light is not given solely for our enjoyment, but also to motivate our sharing of the brightest possible message—the gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Believers have been recipients of the blessings of God and live in the light of His presence. For what greater purpose than to carry that light to someone living in darkness? Make the most of every awesome opportunity to share the light and love of the Lord.